Admissions: Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I apply?

If you currently attend a publicly funded school in Leicester City you will apply online through PS16. Your school will provide log-in details and guide you through the application process. Some publicly funded schools in Leicestershire County will also be using PS16; applicants should check with their school. Applicants who do not have access to PS16 via their school should apply directly using the link to the PS16 portal our website:

What is the closing date for applications?

In order to guarantee an interview, we need to receive your application by 31 January 2021. Applications received after this date will be considered at the College’s discretion using the criteria outlined in our Admissions Policy. Please pay careful attention to any internal deadlines set by your school in order to ensure that they can complete your reference and submit your application in good time.

What are the entry requirements?

We ask that you achieve a certain level of academic attainment in order to enrol at WQE. We have carefully considered our entry requirements and believe that if you achieve these grades you will be well prepared for the challenge of your next stage of study and can enrol on your courses with us with confidence. As a guide, use the table below to identify the level and the programme type that best matches the qualifications with which you expect to enrol at WQE.

Within a programme, individual course/subject specific entry requirements apply; you can discuss these with staff at the Open Event. Information can also be found on our website either as a summary in our leaflet ‘Choose the right pathway’ or by using the Course Search for individual subjects.

I am predicted grade 3 in GCSE English Language, does this mean I will not be offered a place for A levels?

Offers made for a place at WQE are usually for a particular level rather than for a specific course or combination of courses. If you are planning to study A levels, you will need to achieve grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language. However, you can be assured that if you achieve grade 3 or lower there are alternative courses we can discuss with you during your interview process.

Is my reference important?

Yes, VERY! The College pays particular attention to attendance, punctuality, attitude to learning and potential for further study. We expect to see a recommendation by your school for your chosen course.

Will I have an interview?

The days we have scheduled for Admissions Interviews are Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 March; we are currently reviewing the arrangements for these. Whilst it is not possible to know what the Covid situation will be in March 2021, it is reasonable to assume that we will need to make changes to how we run our interview sessions to adhere to social distancing at some level. We will keep applicants and partner schools up to date with our plans

Applications received by 31 January 2021 will be treated as highest priority. We will ensure that applicants with a supportive reference and whose existing programme of study provide a suitable basis for progression to the extensive range of courses offered by the College are able to receive advice and guidance regarding their proposed programme of study. The purposes of an interview at WQE will be to help you make decisions about your course choices; it is not for selection purposes.

When do I find out if I have a place?

For the majority of students who have submitted their application by 31 January, we will provide a decision by the end of April. Applications received after 31 January will be considered at the College’s discretion and at the earliest opportunity. Conditional and provisional offers may be made, subject to availability.

What happens if I am offered a place but my actual results are not as good as my predicted grades?

In order to enrol at the College applicants must normally have achieved grades in line with their conditional offer. Your overall academic profile and any extenuating circumstances may also be taken into account. If your results mean that you are unable to enrol onto an advanced level programme you will be offered advice and guidance regarding alternative pathways.

What happens if I change my mind about one of my subjects?

You are encouraged to research your subject choices when completing your application and these choices will be discussed at interview. Any offer is for a place at WQE at a particular level rather than for a specific course or combination of courses. Many applicants revise subject and pathway choices before enrolment either as a result of further research or their achieved grades; this is usually possible. Final course choices are made at enrolment in August. There is very little opportunity to change courses once teaching has started. 

Where will I be taught?

Timetables are unique to each student depending on the course they enrol for. You may be taught in any of the College’s buildings which all offer high quality teaching accommodation with specialist subject specific facilities and resources.

Is there a chance the courses I want to take could clash?

This is very unlikely, although we cannot make an absolute guarantee. We offer an exceptionally wide range of subjects, pathways and levels creating vast flexibility when it comes to timetabling; almost all combinations are possible.

Need to know more?

During our Virtual Open Event the Admissions Team will be available on Live Chat to help answer your questions, alternatively, you can visit our website or contact us by emailing at any time.